Talent Recruitment

There’s nothing we value more than knowledge, passion, innovation and hard work! If you have all those, we have good news for you:  we are headhunting!

We have open searches for the following positions:

  • Sales craft in North America, Europe and Asia.
  • Product development
  • Content specialist & Digital marketing
  • Customer Support Specialist

Please send us an introduction letter and a one-page resume to [email protected].

R&D: Share your cool ideas!

We believe in a world of innovation and collaboration. We want to make things people love to create with.

If you have a disruptive creation and know exactly how to implement it, send us a one-page resume and a one-page proposal to [email protected].

Just prove in a few words that you have something of real value and that you’re the right person to make it happen and you may be invited to join the team. Your presentation will be kept confidential and used for evaluation purposes only.