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KODAK 3D Cloud

The KODAK 3D Cloud powered by 3DPrinterOS is built into every printer, is free to use, and provides remote operation functionality, without the need to install software on your workstation.

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Why the KODAK 3D Cloud? Thanks to the cloud system, you don’t need to be physically in front of the printer to use. No longer in the office? No problem. You can launch a print through your home computer or even from your phone, whilst walking down the street. You can remotely upload models, slice them, prepare them and launch the print. Thanks to the built in camera, you can even monitor your print as a live stream, direct to your cloud account.

KODAK 3D Slicer

Based on Cura, the desktop version of our slicer gives you the freedom of not having to be connected to the internet and of avoiding the sometimes slow file transfers of large files. It features all the same power as the Cloud version.

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The KODAK Desktop Slicer is built on top of the popular Cura slicing engine. It comes with a full set of optimized print profiles. Use it to get the best print results with your KODAK 3D Printer, with no file transfer delays and without needing to be online. Available for all major operating systems.