Update to firmware v2.0 – USB flash drive

Steps to follow to perform the update

  • Determine your printer’s hardware version: go to Setup » Extras » Info, your printer will be Hardware Version 1.0 or Hardware Version 2.0
  • Go to Setup » Extras » Update and update your printer to the latest version 1.x firmware (version 1.72)
  • The printer will restart
  • After the printer restarts, unplug the Ethernet cable
  • Download the firmware file that corresponds to the printer’s hardware version and copy the file to the top level directory of a flash drive formatted as FAT32 (not NTFS). It’s a single ZIP file:

v1.0       v2.0


  • Plug the USB flash drive into the front port
  • Go to Setup » Extras » Update again and press the Update to V2 button
  • The printer will restart and begin to update using the files from the flash drive. If the update is interrupted, the next time you start your machine the update will resume installation

Do not power off the printer during the update. Do not plug in any USB device. Do not disconnect Ethernet.